Jobs Available

Vacancies are on the FARMS/ FACTORIES, or in LOGISTIC WAREHOUSE for Packing and sorting, supermarkets or greenhouses. Jobs that anyone can do. Experience doesn't matter. In European countries the salary is 850-1200 euro per month for general workers.

Job Benefits

After a couple months of work, if somebody is a specialist in Heavy driver, Welder , Fitter , Electrician ,ETC,,,,,, we move on to another job where it will be confirmed according to skills and motivation of the candidate, the salaries for specialists beginning from 1200+ euro per month. Or the best staff can be moved to another country of the European Union to better jobs with a salary from 1700-3500 euro per month.

Our promise

  • We Guarantee 100% for our work permits which comes with the necessary documents of European Union countries.
  • You can use our services no matter where from authorized employers.
  • We also handle the official fees required by governments and consulates you are in the world, and we can even deliver the documents quickly to your location.
  • It's important to know that, on average, 94% of the people who use our work permits and documents successfully get their visas in 18 different countries in the EU.
  • Benefits

    There are also special benefits for people who get a valid Work Visa or Residence Permit from certain countries like Poland and Lithuania. After completing the necessary legal process for employment, we can offer you jobs in the Netherlands, Belgium, or Germany with monthly salaries ranging from 1700 to 3500 euros. This opportunity is only available to our best workers after they have gotten a work visa and worked in Poland or Lithuania for at least 1-2 months.


    Employee Residence permit Registration for a period of 2to 3 years


    Dependents can apply after 6 months


    Fast Track Option to get TRC (Temporary Resident Card)with Family

    Countries Have Current Openings


    Regular process 4 to 6 months Express process 3-6 weeks

    (Annual work permit)


    Express process 1 to 2 weeks

    (Annual work permit)


    Regular process 4 to 6 months Express process 2 to 3 weeks

    (Annual work permit)


    Regular process 4 to 6 months Express Process 1 to 2 months

    (Annual work permit)


    Regular process 4 to 6 months Express process 1 to 2 weeks

    (Annual work permit)


    Express process 2 to 5 Weeks (private invitation 90days, after arrival employer provides work permit )


    Regular process 5 to 6 months (Only Regular Process Available)

    (Annual work permit)

    Why You Choose Johnway?

    Transparent and Easy Process

    We provide Transparent and Easy Process

    Lowest Processing Fees

    We Provide lowest processing fees

    IELTS(Not Required)

    IELTS(Not Required)

    Anybody can Apply

    Male or Female anybody can apply


  • If you have a history of having problems with visas or have had legal issues in European Union countries, please tell us before applying for a visa.
  • This way, we can help you resolve these issues before you get a refusal.
  • We want to maintain our good reputation with European consulates and keep our high success rate in helping people get work visas in Europe.